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   Salli Squitieri


         Salli has often been described as unique or as ‘one of kind’.

Her approach is often ‘out of the box’ and from an up close, genuine and personal approach. Her background is so diverse and yet she infuses her many experiences into each endeavor she takes on.


She works at ease in any environment, is highly adaptable and is able to manifest success with any given budget.

Salli enthusiastically and passionately represents her

clients and projects in an exceedingly contagious fashion leaving quite a positive impression on those she encounters.


For Salli the journey is equally important as the end result therefore her methodology is not about a conquest but rather making a positive difference in the world.


Her beliefs are if you want something "make it happen"

and never give up because as the saying goes:

Dreams are not just for dreaming but for coming come…

Salli Squitieri is a mover and a shaker, someone to be taken seriously. She is not afraid of obstacles and always gets the job done. She applies her many experiences  to each venture that she approaches. If you tell her it can't be done, she'll take it as a challenge and find a way to do it. She lives a highly principled life and is never without a project. Creativity is thr mainstay of her diet.

If you want a job done then be certain to bring Salli Squitieri aboard.


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